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Why midnight gaming?

We strive to be the best in the Industry

For a little under a year, we’ve been leading the way across different games creating the best possible player experience since 2019.

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24/7 Uptime

We strive to have 24/7 Uptime. While this is hard to achieve, we have redundancy in place to make sure you always have a server to play on, someone to talk to or a means to express yourself.

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Community Based

Everything we do, we do for you. From the radio to inside the game, we aim to have a community like no other. With an experience ranging from new to veteran, but in the hands of every single player that join in on the fun.

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Friendly Enviroment

We seek to provide a friendly environment for players of all abilities, to have memorable interactions in the games they play. From Swtor to Minecraft, there's a friendly experience for everyone.

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Best in Class Satisfaction

We tackle situations and problems head on to give our members the resolution they deserve. We gauge our community on a constant basis, making sure we provide them consistent high-quality interactions.

Meet the Founders

Tazzie, Odie, Chronic, No1's Perfect, Deveritus, WeebWoozi, Trinket And last, but not least, _Trash_Panda_

We have a licensed Radio station with Live shows on our live radio with genres from metal all the way to rap. We also a very strong presence in a couple Games such as: Swtor And Minecraft

No1's Perfect Hosting has let us use two of his Rack Mounted Servers to provide our players with a unique experience for the masses.
For that we show much appreciation for him and if you wish to use his hosting services for your own private server Message us on discord and we'll see if we can work something out

We need to find something else to fill this up with

Co-Owner John Doe


What to say about Tazzie, Jack of all trades, master of none seeems to come to mind. Tazzie is highly involved within the Community, Running the Radio Station, Guild Officer within the <nocturne> SWTOR Guild, and loves to make everyone laugh with voices and a bunch of his qwerks. With Tazzie you never know what you'll get.  Tazzie does Radio Production, updates music within the Radio Station, and handles all the DJs and assists the other members of the team with Parties and other events. Tazzie hosts a show called Total Request Paradise and loves to interact with all the listeners and party-goers. So when it comes to Tazzie, hold on tight, cause you never know where the journey will take you!</nocturne>

Co-Owner Jane Doe


"It is better to be alone than in bad company."

A man of few words but with courage to speak when needed. Odie is the leader of the guild <nocturne> and been involved with SWTOR since 2011. A veteran of multiple Nightmare Mode Operations and countless raid teams, the experience he has gained over almost 9 years leaves him in a position to see a large picture in which <nocturne> can grow. Overseeing his staff that help with multiple projects at once from setting up Operations to in-game parties, he provides his thoughts on how best to move forward as <nocturne> advances and expands into new and uncharted territory.</nocturne></nocturne></nocturne>

Co-Owner Jane Doe


A party girl through and through, she was on board from the git go, wanting to assist in building a  community ran by and for it's members! Trinkët is one of the Assistant Radio Managers, working less on the technical side of things and more on ensuring DJ's have what they need to get started, as well as ensuring DJ's are scheduled properly. She is most known for her role in the SWTOR Community in the Guild of <nocturne> as an Officer in charge of running the Wednesday and Friday night parties, among other events!</nocturne>

Co-Owner John Doe

Chronic Reflexes

With a Very strong presence in Minecraft, He manages all of the servers. Chronic Has been working Non Stop to provide you the best Minecraft experience that is close to home
Specializing in Plugin management, Configuration editing, Permissions Management and much more to do with the Minecraft network

Co-Owner John Doe

Trash Panda

Trash Panda has many roles within our discord community, A Stream Manager, Professional friend, Discord Mascot, And an awesome person, He helps us bring people together, keeps the chats clean, and above all else he loves to have fun
Very easy person to talk to if you have any concerns about us here at
Midnight Gaming

Co-Owner Jane Doe

No1's Perfect

No1's Perfect is our Host, Here's a little about him.
A Senior Systems Engineer, with years of experience working with both linux and windows systems and broad experience in Networking, Active Directory, Firewalls, scripting, and everything in between. A jack of all trades, a master of none but a damn good place to start. -No1's Perfect

Co-Owner John Doe


“Where words leave off, music begins.”

Deveritus, or Dev for short, helps Tazzie run the radio as an assistant manager and is one of the officers in the <nocturne> SWTOR guild. In SWTOR, he can typically be found helping the guild with content-related exercises such as flashpoints, operations, or just generally helping people learn to play and enjoy the game. With the radio, he helps work with the DJs and is involved with the rest of the team to bring you parties you won't forget. He also runs EDM-heavy shows, with genres ranging from dubstep to chillstep to deathstep and more, with each show influenced by a theme. Don't let that fool you, though, because one conversation with him and you'll realize that his musical cognizance stretches well beyond the limits of EDM, and where there's a joke to be made, he's right there with it.</nocturne>

Co-Owner John Doe


Weebwoozi handles the graphic design portion of Midnight gaming, from the visuals on this website, to fliers for community events such as in game radio shows hosted on Midnight Radio, and providing our DJ's with their own personalized banners. She also assists chronic with a lot of the Minecraft side of things, such as recruiting and testing features. Responsible for the custom emojis in the discord, she also tries to help out members in the discord in any way that she can. With a strong passion for art, she's always open to commissions from members of our community. Is not a very sociable person, but what she lacks in community interaction she makes up with heart

Need Help?

Need help or assistance? Our team is standing by to make sure you get the help you need. Whether you have a problem ingame need or delivery details for your order, we're ready to help!